15th Guitar Camp 2013 CGS IGF&Camp - Day 2 carries on
Wednesday, 31 December 2014 18:03




Beginners workshop by Leong Yee Hoo and Lee Ji Xuan



Intermediate workshop by Ong Peng Yang



Advanced workshop by Simon Cheong


Once again the ensemble practice comes on after the workshop. This will be the final practice for all as tomorrow, Sunday morning, will be their performance. In this 'Ensemble Performance Concert', every participant must and gets a chance to perform. With nerves and anxiety setting in, usually the participants would burn the midnight oil to make sure that they can really play! During the practice session, a touching moment came sadly with Dr. Tolgahan Cogulu saying goodbye to all of us before  catching a cab to the airport.


Artise-in-residence in concert


Our MC for the night, Ernest Thomas


Pavel Steidl - guitarist extroardinaire!


Pavel Steidl is one of the famous and sought after players in the world today and the participants were given a fabulous concert . The participants really enjoyed his concert with encores asked for. what a treat!




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