15th Guitar Camp 2013 CGS IGF&Camp - to Day 2
Wednesday, 31 December 2014 18:03



Day 2 - December 7, 2013


Wakey wake!  up early for breakfast!  The first workshop today will be conducted by Dr. Tolgahan Cogulu.

Having heard him play the micro-tonal guitar in last night's concert created the anticipation and enthusiasm as to this talk on the micro-tonal guitar. How lucky these participants are to have  a chance to get first hand information from the expert himself.



Unfortunately, Dr. Tolgahan Cogulu had to leave us in the evening  to catch a flight back to Turkey and our token of appreciation was given to him after the workshop.



Most of the participants would not want to miss this opportunity and wanted to have a close-up picture with this rare instrument plus more`question and answer ` with Dr. Tolgahan Cogulu



After the   tea break - the official  group photo.


Group Photo 2013


A funny group photo


The committee members with our guests.


Then comes to  the second part of our masterclass  session by our artiste-in-residence and guest artiste.


Masterclass  2


Pavel Steidl`s masterclass





Bobby Rootveld`s masterclass




Dr. Tolgahan Cogulu`s masterclass



Solo Participants Concert

After a whole morning of workshop and masterclasses , came the wonderful moment of satisfying the stomach - lunch! BUT, some of the participants selected for the solo participants concert could barely gobble down their food as they had to quickly finished their food and get themselves ready for the concert. Here are the participants taking part...










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