15th Guitar Camp 2013 CGS IGF&Camp - con't.
Wednesday, 31 December 2014 18:03


Masterclass 1


Pavel Steidl`s masterclass


Bobby Rootveld`s masterclass


Dr. Tolgahan Cogulu`s masterclass


After the masterclasses was a short tea break and then, follow by the first ensemble practice . There was a tutor assigned to each ensemble group. Here are some pictures of the ensemble groups practising:-



After the ensemble practice was dinner! And, after dinner...

Guest  Artis Concert


Dr. Tolgahan Cogulu


This is the first time we had a performer who is playing not only the mordern classical guitar but also playing the micro-tonal guitar as well. It was an eye opener for all of us to see him play this specially made instrument…

Our MC for the night, Ernest Thomas.




Duo Nihz


This is the first time a guitar and recorder duo appears in our camp. Duo Nihz is made up of classical guitar - Bobby Rootveld, and recorders - Sanna Van Elst. This duo brings to us a performance that includes theatre! Bobby did some juggling and some funny moves with the guitar plus a `revenge` on Evelyn Cheong, the games master!



Here is the `revenge` on the games master...  she had to play her own game but with a twist to it - she had to grab the biscuit before they finish the music.



The concert ended with Duo Nihz and Dr. Tolgahan Cogulu teaming up impromptu.



Autograph time! Buy that CD and get your autograph...



Nighty night...can't wait for tomorrow!



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