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Day 3  December 9, 2012



9th December 2012 is the final day for this festival/camp. Waking up for the participants was a real chore! Staying up into the wee hours in the morning took its toll.Putting in the hard work preparing and practicing for this big day when every participant must perform...

Before the Ensemble Performance, there  was a special appearance by Jesslyn Chan and Low Yang Li.



Jesslyn Chan



Low Yang Li


The Participants's Ensemble Performance

Groups 1 to 5 in their performance.


Groups 6 to 10 in their performance
Group 11


Group 11 led by Carlos Bonell proved to be the group that gave the best ever performance in all the camps history, in Simon’s observation and opinion. Simon attributed this to Carlos superb ability to bring out the very best from the participants within two days. Although Carlos had the cream of the participants (as with all other camps, the Artiste-in-Residence gets the last group), it would have amounted to nothing, if he did not create the vast difference that Simon heard! Simon says ‘Wow!’



After the participants ensemble performance, a special feature came on in the form of another solo performance by Lee Ji Xuan .



Lee Ji Xuan
...moving on to the Certificate Presentation, Lucky Draw and Closing Ceremony.

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