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Tuesday, 27 August 2013 11:44

Artiste-in-Residence Concert

Tonight, on this second day, after freshening up and dinner, will be the highlight of the professional concert – our Artiste-in-Residence concert.


Mr. Carlos Bonell!






Autograph session again. Carlos’s CD’s were selling like hot cakes! And everyone had to have a piece of Carlos! Oops! I mean a photo with Carlos.





Into an autograph book - Carlos is drawing!




These guitars are now worth a lot with Carlos signature on it!



To autograph on one's own CD's, books or programme booklet as  a commemoration of the night's concert is what one would expect...but, having to autograph from a living tissue to high technology...! Well, this girl has got it right!






Lucky Bloke!








Carlos had in his audience this English couple who were in their third year cycling round the world!




Oops!…  before Carlos's concert, another presentation had to be made. A token of appreciation in the form of our pennant was presented to Mr. Phuong Hoai Tran by Simon. Mr Phuong had to leave early in the morning on Sunday to get back to Vietnam for a company event and was unable to stay on with us.



Here is Simon explaining the presentation ceremony, presenting the pennant to our guest and our MC for the night, Mr. Ernest Thomas



Again, the night ended on a high note. And, after a long eventful and weary day, one would expect everyone to go and turn themselves in. That’s what you think! NO. Inspired - many picked up their guitars, got their groups together, and started practicing for Sunday’s concert.


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