14th Guitar Camp 2012 CGS IGF&Camp - Day 1 continues still...
Tuesday, 27 August 2013 11:44


Guest Artist Concert

First to make their appearance was our Vietnamese friends, Huy Thanh Nguyen and Phuong Hoai Tran, they played a solo each and duos.

Our invitation to our Vietnamese friends was our overture to an exchange as we have had for the last four years with Thailand. We do hope that showing our goodwill will go towards a fruitful relationship to the future.




The second part of the concert featured our friend from Thailand, Padet Netpakdee.




Here is a shot of the MC for the night, he was having fun and was cracking all sorts of jokes, but that didn't distract but added to the lovely concerts played on this night :-



The final part of the night's concert presented GFA 2010 winner - Johannes Moller from Sweden...



Did we end here? No! There was a surprise in store...Matts Moller, Johannes father was invited on stage to play a duet with his son. For the first time in the history of the camp, a guitar and flute duet was presented. And, what a wonderful experience it was for the campers - to hear top notch, world class performance from this father and son duo. Deservedly, an encore was called for and both father and son obligingly gave the campers another piece.



Here is a photo of all the performers on stage:-




At the end was the usual autograph session and here you find Johannes making his mark on his own CDs and books for the campers who bought them.



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