Carlos Bonell in Kuala Lumpur! CGS IGF&Camp2012
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CGS International Guitar Festival & Camp 2012

'Carlos Bonell in Kuala Lumpur!'

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CGS International Guitar Festival & Camp 2012

An account by Simon Cheong

Part 1

'Carlos Bonell in Kuala Lumpur!'

Dec 2, 2012, 8.00 p.m.

Experimental Theater, University Malaya, Lembah Pantai, 50503 Kuala Lumpur


This concert is the first part and starts off the festival with a bang! The festival lasts from 2nd December till the 9th.

For the first time since we started again in 2004, in this festival we have a very big name in the classical guitar world – Carlos Bonell! (The only other really big name is my teacher, John Duarte in 1996). He gave an excellent recital which received a rapturous applause and all I heard is - wow! He is really gooooood! One of my students who could only attend this concert and could not go for the camp said ‘Now, I regret not going for the camp’ and my reply was ‘Yes, and we are closed for registration!’.


Well, here are some photos for your viewing...


Committee members sorting out their jobs... The festivals' booklet and Carlos’s recital programme.

Ernest and Felicia sorting something out...These two enjoy having their photo taken...and here are some of Carlos's CDs for sale.



Here are some shots of Simon & Evelyn Cheong with Johannes Moller, Padet Netpakdee and Matts Moller, followed by Simon with Johari Esme and then with Dr. Lee and family. Johannes and Matts Moller came over from their hotel for Carlos performance and to meet up with us. They will also be playing in this same hall for the University the next night.


We had to be at the hall by 5:00 pm to set up, especially with the sound check. What...! sound check! Nooo...Carlos is playing PS3!!! That’s what the bag says! Checking his fingers to handle the PS3 hand held controls...!?

We can’t be taking photos of Carlos only...what about his girlfriend? A pretty sight too she is! Look at how curvaceous she is.


In the dressing room before the concert. Notice the Themos (flask) and the food warmer. In the flask is coffee and the food warmer, apple pie!


In the August 2012 issue of the Classical Guitar magazine, in Carlos’s article, ‘No, I won’t stand on my head (Things I do and don’t do on the day of a concert)’ he mentioned “I hope I sound pretty normal so far although I will admit to various tendencies. I like to be left alone (NO, we did not leave him alone!), lunch alone (Nope! Not with us), and avoid extended conversations (he was jabbering away more than us! Ha! Ha! oops! sorry bad joke) I would like the lighting and sound engineers to be ready for my arrival in the hall’

Just a couple of other things: in the dressing room I want a warm apple pie with plenty of cream on the side (Yee Hoo bought the apple pie but cream) and a coffee 30 minutes before starting time (my wife Evelyn prepared the coffee and warmed up the apple pie put in the food warmer), as well as a full-length mirror so I can see and talk to myself. What do I talk to myself about? How I am feeling, how I want the music to sound, and more – all to psyche myself up. Do I get nervous? Yes, if my few simple requirements are not met – call me superstitious if you like.”. Superstitious or not, nervous or not, he played a fantastic concert.


The concert starts and here are different shots of the maestro...



Carlos speaking to the audience, a graceful bow to end the first half and here is a photo of our MC for the night - Ms Oi Suan Gaik.


Interval. During the interval, almost all Carlos’s CD’s were sold , only eight were left  and even these disappeared very quickly on the coming Wednesday’s concert. All those who did not have enough money made sure they bought whatever on Wednesday. And, the poor campers (Dec 7-9) will have none to buy! Emmm...not true! We brought out the Society’s copies of the CD’s as samples for the campers to make their orders as Carlos will send the CD’s over to me to distribute to the campers who had ordered.


CD sale during interval


The second half of the concert with more shots of the maestro...



The official presentation - The President of the Classical Guitar Society Malaysia presenting a bouquet to Carlos.


One last shot from the encores that ensued and encores there were!


Autograph time!


After everything was over, here are some of the committee members who insist on taking a photo with Carlos.


Carlos with Low Yang Li, Jeremy Cheong, Lee Ji Xuan and Christopher Cheong


Carlos Bonell with Chuah Yeong Chin, Mr & Mrs See Sew Hong, Padet Netpakdee, Mr & Mrs Ernest Thomas and Low Kean Soon


Finally they meet – teacher and student with the father around! Yes, Johannes Moller, a 2010 Guitar Foundation of America Guitar Competition winner and a famous personality as well in the guitar world will play in the Wednesday concert as well as the camp. Mats Moller is also a famous flautist, a very well known exponent of contemporary works, performs with his son in duet.



Here’s a photo of Simon with Carlos and Johannes. A great group photo just before we were expelled from the Auditorium


From left, Carlos, Johannes, Padet, Simon and Mats. Carlos being interviewed by Johari Esme of Metro Harian


The end of a wonderful night and the beginning of the second part of the festival - the master classes on Monday and Tuesday as the festival continues...

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