7th Guitar Alive 2012
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Guitar Alive! 2012


Low Yang Li

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Guitar Alive! 2012


Low Yang Li


Guitar Alive! 2012 was held on 8th July 2012, at Dewan Auditorium, Muzium Negara.

This year, Guitar Alive! was held at a different venue for the first time as the usual venue, the Mini Auditorium was too small a hall to use and the larger Tunku Abdul Rahman Auditorium at Malaysia Tourism Centre was booked. The usual Mini Auditorium was really too small as in the years that we have used it, it was always totally packed and there were complains from those who could not get into the hall. This year the huge audience we were expecting calls for a larger hall definitely. Hence all effort was made to locate another suitable auditorium and it was decided that the auditorium at Muzium Negara was the next most suitable for the concert. Although cost-wise, the rental fee was considerably higher, the Society did not hesitate to book this hall as we wanted to give the audience a pleasant experience in appreciation of their support and belief in the Society's endeavors.

The concert saw 11 ensemble groups participating enthusiastically. The performers came from Klang, Petaling Jaya, and Kuala Lumpur. They had been practising together for at least 2 to 3 months before the concert, while some groups came really prepared with about a year of practice before the concert, just to perform the few pieces like professionals on the concert day.

Let's have a look at the goings-on for the day.

1. Muzium Negara, venue for 7th Guitar Alive 2012. 2. The stage for the performances...
7th Guitar Alive venue, Muzium Negara




1.Lost? The hall must be too big! 2. mic check!  1, 2, 3...hello! hello! hel..loh...oo! 3. Sew Hong, the photographer say's 'I am ready to shoot!' 4. Going back stage to get themselves ready for the rehearsal...



1. "No problems, get new strings here if your strings decide to 'snap' today! 2. Making sure everyone is clear about what they have to do... 3. Here's a shot of the audience before the performance starts. It was full once again with some sitting on the steps when the concert started.


Rehearsal time and behind the scenes. Rehearsal time was a time to give everyone a chance to get a feel of the stage with last minute advice from their teachers. All instructions as to when and how to get onto the stage. The presentation skills of walking onto the stage, bowing etc was taught. All those who had their turn on stage for advice and instruction grouped themselves together for further practice and practice they do....anywhere and everywhere!



1. CGS style gangster & BOSS!!!  2. A guitar battle...?  3. A fanfare for the King? ...oops! no, our VIP's - the audience...no, just practicing anywhere we can!


1.  Looking professional...  2. Are we modeling?  3. Left out the fire in the center should...barbecue as well! Guitars as firewood!? NO!!!  4. AH ZA! Let's FIGHT!... to WAR we go...oops! concert stage we go!



Guitar Alive! 2012

Group Photo.


The ensemble groups with their teacher.


1. G-Wanted  2. One Guitar  3. Nuovo Classical Ensemble  4. KOGA


1.Nakuho Guitar Ensemble  2. SMJK Kwang Hwa Guitar Ensemble  3. Rhythmholic


1. Alleanza Guitar Ensemble  2. Starship  3. Nameless Guitar Ensemble  4. Why Guitar Ensemble


The concert starts...


1. Nakuho Guitar Ensemble 2. G-Wanted 3. KOGA  4. Nuovo Classical Ensemble
1. Nameless Guitar Ensemble  2. A duo? Two guys... 3. Another duo? This time, two gals...; 4. SMJK Kwang Hwa Guitar Ensemble  5. Rhythmholic
1. Allenza Guitar Ensemble  2. One Guitar  3. Starship   4. Why Guitar Ensemble



Here are some close-ups...



A special solo presentation by Low Yang Li at the end of the first half and Jeremy Cheong ending the 'Guitar Alive!' performance...


Certificate presentation by the society's President Mr. Simon Cheong.


1. Nakuho Guitar Ensemble  2. SMJK Kwang Hwa Guitar Ensemble  3. G-Wanted

1. Nameless Guitar Ensemble  2. KOGA   3. Nuovo Classical Ensemble  4. Rhythmholic
1. Allenza Guitar Ensemble  2. One Guitar  3. Starship  4. Why Guitar Ensemble

Thanking the soloists with a certificate of appreciation for their fine performance.


Good bye, hope the visitor to these pages have enjoyed seeing these snapshots...Guitar Alive! will be alive again next year!

See you at Guitar Alive! 2013.

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