Sonata 2011 CGS IGF&Camp
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CGS International Guitar Festival & Camp 2011


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CGS International Guitar Festival & Camp 2011




Leong Yee Hoo, Manoon Ploypradap and Rafael Serrallet

7 December 2011, 8.30 pm

Tuanku Abdul Rahman Auditorium, Malaysia Tourism Centre, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur


Here are some photos that were taken -


Our MC extraordinaire for the night - Mr. Ernest Thomas.


Leong Yee Hoo (Malaysia)


Manoon Ploypradap (Thailand)


Rafael Serrallet (Spain)


Presenting a token of appreciation for their splendid performance - Mdm Rachel Lui of Sonata Music & Art, Mr Simon Cheong, President of the Classical Guitar Society Malaysia and Mr Daniel Chan of Mahogany.


Here is a photo of our performers with both our sponsors and CGS  President


Apart from the concert proper photos above, let us look at some photos taken at this concert -

At the front desk - posing at our sales counter: The ladies hard at work selling Rafael and Manoon's CD's. Of course there were books with Savarez and Galli strings for sale too and lastly, pretty maids all in a row.


Sew Hong has been the official photographer for all the Society's events because of his interest in photography. He has hardly any photos taken of him as he is usually the one taking the pictures. Well, this year on we have another camera to use and will help relieve Sew Hong's work load. Here he is caught working hard...


The Society plays its philanthropic part every year for the needy and here are the Burmese underprivileged children. The society hopes to educate and inculcate the interest, appreciation and love for music in these children through exposure in these concert.

Here is Mrs Evelyn Cheong taking a picture with the Burmese children and with very important people who are there supporting and bringing help to these children. They have given the time to bring these children to the concert apart from their other wonderful deeds.
Some of the audience mingling in the foyer for refreshments and Simon speaking with Ratih Mita from Indonesia's Prim Guitars and Harian Metro's reporter Johari Esme


Here are the performers back stage preparing for their performance...with jitters!


Leong Yee Hoo with Ratih Mita and her staff from Indonesia and finally, Simon taking one final picture with the performers.


Having ended the concert which is the first part of CGS International Guitar Festival & Camp 2011, we will be leaving early Friday morning for Fraser's Hill for the second part - the 13th CAMP! Camper's we will meet you there...

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